Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 1

Well, shit.  It turns out there is plenty to be happy about in my regular life.  After just this one day of trying to actively recognize happiness as it exists in my daily routine, I can present to you this list of things that qualify as "happinesses":

1. I was able to enjoy the St. Louis Sauna by going to the pool.  My kids are old enough to swim safely while I read a book or take a nap.  I did both.  I even jumped into the pool a few times.  I stayed under long enough to let the cold water soak all the way through my hair, onto my scalp.  I treaded water, trying to fully experience the water as it rippled over every part of my skin.  Then I pushed hard off the bottom of the pool and thrust myself up into the hot summer sun.  Some teenagers standing nearby stopped talking and looked at me weird.

2. I was not the fattest woman at the pool.  Far from it.  I can still wear a two piece and walk from lounger to snack bar without bystanders shrieking and diving into the pool in an effort to get away.  And I have a good tan.

3. Around 5 o'clock, when I would usually have had to go home, figure out some sort of dinner plan, and tidy up the house, Matt agreed to come to the pool and join us in our carefree recreation, allowing me to continue the leisurely reading and napping and avoid the cooking and cleaning.  I had enough cash in my wallet to order pizza which was delivered poolside by my special friend Dominos Delivery Girl.

4. Now I am home in my pajamas.  My home has air conditioning.  Two of my five kids are out of the house with friends doing things that are age appropriate and properly supervised.  The rest of us will watch movies and play Scrabble.  I will likely win, but if not, I will experience the vicarious pleasure of watching my children feel good about themselves.  Then I will tip the board and send them straight to bed.


P.S. Donny says I have to make it clear that I exaggerated some of his behavior in yesterday's post.  Thankfully, he understands the need to enhance the truth sometimes... for a laugh.

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